The Soul Felt Its Worth

As the Christmas Carol says,
…and the soul felt its worth.

Its worth -
Bypass the heart
Turn off the mind
And let your Soul feel its worth
Let it feel.

The Soul is from another dimension
It is super natural
It is transcendent

Just the mention of the word
Awakens a deep and beautiful part of us.

The Soul felt…
Even when the mind, heart, and body
Can no longer,
The Soul feels.

It is protected
It is secure
It is where life exists
And love flows.

It can not be harmed
It remains when all else is wounded and afraid.

Like a perl in an oyster,
It is the center jewel within.

So let the Soul feel it's worth.
Let the Soul feel.

Tap into its power and wisdom
Love it and cherish it
It has supernatural powers.

Powers that allows us to rise above,
To change our thoughts
And heal our hearts.

It is uncontrollable for
It does not belong to us.
It belongs to the Universe,
To Nature,
To God.

It will never force its way,
But waits patiently for an invitation.

Crack the door just a tad
And ignite a force that changes a world
From inside out.

The Soul felt its worth
Feel its worth
Trust its guidance

Let your Soul feel.


It’s too late,
I heard her say
And I felt my world
Crumble a little

It can’t be
There’s time
There has to be 
More time
I’ve been waiting…

I’ve been waiting…
I heard myself say

Waiting for what?
Waiting on who?
And how long 
has this been 
going on?

All my life!
My heart responds
As the pillars 
of my life
Come crashing down

I have been waiting…

Waiting for someone to notice
To acknowledge
And recognize
To fix all the broken pieces
And make my world right

Waiting feels like hope
But it is not

Waiting keeps me 
out of today
And puts me in 
a fictitious narrative
One that I have 
no control in writing

Simply waiting
Isn’t simple 

It also isn’t very hope-filled
It’s the giant pause button
We press that brings
Us to a standstill
Unable to take the next step  

But if it is too late
And I can stop waiting
What will become of me?

I will begin to take notice
To acknowledge
And recognize

I will pick up the pieces 
of my own world
And create a new one
Written with a new narrative 

One that isn’t
based on waiting
But on living.

Anger to Joy

I am ready
An arsenal of words
Organized for impact

I am right!
You are wrong!
I’m will show you the
 errors of your way.

The sun rose over the hills
The dainty green leaves
Of the Pepper Tree
Danced in its warmth.

Birds flew over
Delighting in all the
Night’s rain had uncovered.

Why do I need you to
Think - my way
Believe - my way
Live - my way

No other creature does this
They just live -

True, they may eat you
And this is always an option

But in the light of day
The beauty of the red flower
The boldness of the cactus
And the gentleness of the sage

My duty of righteousness
Turned to gratitude 
My arsenal of words
Turned to song
And my anger
To joy

This Moment

It's 5 AM and 75 degrees
The stars sparkle across the sky 
Shining just enough light 
To make the palm trees look scary. 

There's a gentle breeze,
but it does not cool.
In the distance, 
windows begin to illuminate
as wake over-takes sleep 

There’s a sound of nature
In the distance,
the four-legged type, 
and the domestic creatures take note. 

What will this day hold? 
Work and school 
Family and kids 

Life will take hold soon
and if we aren't careful, 
May consumer us. 

My friends grandfather may take his last breath today, 
Yet, there will be others who will take their first. 

A few more windows illuminate
and a few less stars are visible.

In a short while, 
the sun will begin to glow 
from behind the hills
Its’ blaze will extinguish the stars.
But at this moment,
it's 75 degrees -
and the stars sparkle across the sky.


The voices of disapproval
Echo in my head.

Your voice is there
Telling me I’m not good enough
That’s it’s my fault
That I’m the one to blame.

The sound plays in a loop
Like a broken record
But there’s no one 
To remove the needle.

The voices of shame
Smother me
Preventing me
from stepping out.

The voices of disappointment
Stop me from trying,
They talk about what 
Should have -
Could have -
But didn’t.

Though not audible to others
They are deafening to me.

I fight them
Try to ignore them
Put them in a box 
And hide them.

But they ooze out
Like a warm, sticky glue
Clogging up my brain space.

I don’t know why I listen
I don’t know why I care

Yet, I wait for someone to 
Pick up the needle 
And bring it to an end.

There is another voice in my head
It’s always been there
It’s quiet and gentle
Easily drowned out

Rarely does it shout
Never does it interrupt
I can only hear it 
In the quiet.

Today, as I sat identifying 
All the other voices
And contemplating my demise
I found a piece of quiet.

Today, my other voice
Gently instructed,
“Pick up the needle 
And get on with it!”

Straight from the Pit

Jealousy, Hatred, 
Envy, and Insecurity
These evil fellows
I’ve come to know.
They slither and scheme
Watching and waiting,
Sensing the second 
My guard is down.

Their attack is sharp 
And so deep
It stings and bites 
Exposing my scars.

They blindside 
And de-rail
At moments 
Most vulnerable.

They’re disguises 
Are cleaver
Some days looking 
A little to much like
Me and …you.

They’re nasty basters
Born in the pit of hell
Claiming all 
As their victims.

They’re weapons
Are words
For they know 
The pain they inflict
To strangle, suffocate, 
trap, and confine.

I’ve found 
But one escape
From these evil gents,
To dive deep into 
My well of love, 
And stay immersed 
Till every crack, crevice, 
And broken part filled.

Their attack is quick
My response quicker.
Intended to wound
I to heal.
They desire engagement
I desire peace -

Which comes 
when I quietly … walk away!