It’s too late,
I heard her say
And I felt my world
Crumble a little

It can’t be
There’s time
There has to be 
More time
I’ve been waiting…

I’ve been waiting…
I heard myself say

Waiting for what?
Waiting on who?
And how long 
has this been 
going on?

All my life!
My heart responds
As the pillars 
of my life
Come crashing down

I have been waiting…

Waiting for someone to notice
To acknowledge
And recognize
To fix all the broken pieces
And make my world right

Waiting feels like hope
But it is not

Waiting keeps me 
out of today
And puts me in 
a fictitious narrative
One that I have 
no control in writing

Simply waiting
Isn’t simple 

It also isn’t very hope-filled
It’s the giant pause button
We press that brings
Us to a standstill
Unable to take the next step  

But if it is too late
And I can stop waiting
What will become of me?

I will begin to take notice
To acknowledge
And recognize

I will pick up the pieces 
of my own world
And create a new one
Written with a new narrative 

One that isn’t
based on waiting
But on living.

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