The Soul Felt Its Worth

As the Christmas Carol says,
…and the soul felt its worth.

Its worth -
Bypass the heart
Turn off the mind
And let your Soul feel its worth
Let it feel.

The Soul is from another dimension
It is super natural
It is transcendent

Just the mention of the word
Awakens a deep and beautiful part of us.

The Soul felt…
Even when the mind, heart, and body
Can no longer,
The Soul feels.

It is protected
It is secure
It is where life exists
And love flows.

It can not be harmed
It remains when all else is wounded and afraid.

Like a perl in an oyster,
It is the center jewel within.

So let the Soul feel it's worth.
Let the Soul feel.

Tap into its power and wisdom
Love it and cherish it
It has supernatural powers.

Powers that allows us to rise above,
To change our thoughts
And heal our hearts.

It is uncontrollable for
It does not belong to us.
It belongs to the Universe,
To Nature,
To God.

It will never force its way,
But waits patiently for an invitation.

Crack the door just a tad
And ignite a force that changes a world
From inside out.

The Soul felt its worth
Feel its worth
Trust its guidance

Let your Soul feel.

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