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There's  a great line from the movie Auntie Mame that says, Life is a banquet and most pour souls are starving to death. Everyday life offers us oppertunities and we get to choose what we put on our plates. For some LIVING A GREAT STORY means focusing on one thing and for others, it means a continous flow of new challenages and new adventures.

The only thing better than LIVING A GREAT STORY is to be able to write about it! 

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Life in a cafe is never dull. It's a fast pace world that brings with it laughter, drama, crazies and some very bizarre moments. These are the stories I love from my years working behind the counter of coffee shops. 

Cafes are a special place. They are comfort, community and conversation. They bring strangers together and make them family. There is nothing else quite like it. So pour a cup of your favorite brew, settle in and find yourself sitting next to the fireplace of the local cafe.

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Living Unstuck - finding your joy

Writen by Anita Hunt & Jeannie Bruenning

Most of us experience wonderful emotions in life, unfortunately it’s humannature to dwell on the not so wonderful ones from time to time. There’s nothing wrong with having feelings, but should we get stuck on the negative ones, they have a tendency to overshadow the plans that God has for our life…a joyful life…UNSTUCK!

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Lessons Learned in Retail Management

Managers are the heart, the soul and the brains of any retail operation. 

Lessons Learned in Retail Management breaks down the manager’s role in four parts: the importance of understanding financials, the skills needed to manage employees, finding the lost art of customer service, and the importance of personal development. Twenty-five years in the making, it contains successful tools for building strong foundations and turning stores around.

Whether you are on the first rung of the ladder or feel as if you’re stuck somewhere in the middle, Lessons Learned in Retail Management is a primer in basic retail management and provides tools to help you continue to climb and reach the next rung. 

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Define Your Purpose

Define Your Purpose! is a self-discovery journey of the happenings in our lives that points us to our deepest desires and our truepassions.

Life changes when we find those things that ignite our passion. Daily routine becomes exciting adventures. Relationships take on a new focus. Dreaded tasks become easier to accomplish. We find the courage to remove those things from our lives that prevent us from doing what we love. 

Finding our passions, building a life around our deepest desires give us a sense of purpose which is essential to living a long and fulfilling life.

Together on this journey we will ask a lot of questions, consider new ways of thinking, and most of all, discover who we are and what gets us excited about life.

The Plan - a story of redemption

Arrogance and deceit caused the separation. Enough promises had been made to convince them to leave the Kingdom. Once outside the gates, all they found was darkness and regret. There was no hope of regaining what had been lost. But the separation from their beloved King was more than they could overcome on their own.

As the requests for forgiveness began to arrive at the Kingdom, there was one committed to find a way to lead them back home. A neutral arena would have to be established. Free Will must remain a part of the equation. No one knew if there was any chance of the fallen returning to the Kingdom. No one knew if redemption and forgiveness of that magnitude was even possible. It would require a sacrifice that was beyond their comprehension. 

A blank tablet was the beginning. At the top of the first page two words were written: The Plan.

The Captive

Forgiveness seemed unattainable and fear dominated their existence. Incapable of making the journey to freedom alone, they needed a champion, someone to lock arm and arm and lead them to freedom. Life for the Humans and Fallen Souls change as Jael returns to the Kingdom, Konnory takes on Turayn, Magnor gets his battle, Quaine finds forgiveness, and Palti remains a question. The Captive is the second in The Plan Series; an allegorical telling of scripture.

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The Memoirs of Beatrice Miller

Beatrice was from a small town and had outgrown her dream of working at her Uncle’s shop. Now, a young woman and moving on to the big city to start working at the prestigious Breckschnieder’s Department Store. She quickly realizes that she is willing to do anything to protect her new life. Even if that means she has to get rid of a few people…

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Mr. Hobbin's Beautiful Things

Written by Jeannie Bruenning

Illustrated by Carolyn S Kuether

After realizing that possessions can never return love, Mr. Hobbins learns the important lesson that people are more valuable than even the most beautiful things. 

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Your Wagon is a Saggin'

Your Wagon is a Saggin’ records the journey of a young boy named Philip learn how to deal with three very difficult emotions: Sadness, Angry, and I Don’t Understand. These three emotions are represented as rocks that have been keeping young Philip’s wagon, or life, down and the load has become too heavy to carry.

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