I’m so glad our paths have crossed and I get to share my words with you. I’m kinda a word person. I think finding the right words to tell a story is the best part of story telling. Like most, my life has been filled with many adventures. Some happy, some sad, some painful, but all brought me closer to who I am today. My hope is that in my words, you too will find lessons, comfort, and most of all laughter.

My word for you today is this: Live A Great Story!


Lessons Learned in Retail Management
The Plan
The Captive
The Memoirs of Beatrice Miller
Living Unstuck
Mr. Hobbins’ Beautiful Things



The voices of disapproval Echo in my head. Your voice is there Telling me I’m not good enough That’s it’s my fault That I’m the one to blame. The sound plays in a loop Like a broken record But there’s no one To remove the needle. The voices of shame Smother me Preventing me from …

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