Anger to Joy

I am ready
An arsenal of words
Organized for impact

I am right!
You are wrong!
I’m will show you the
 errors of your way.

The sun rose over the hills
The dainty green leaves
Of the Pepper Tree
Danced in its warmth.

Birds flew over
Delighting in all the
Night’s rain had uncovered.

Why do I need you to
Think - my way
Believe - my way
Live - my way

No other creature does this
They just live -

True, they may eat you
And this is always an option

But in the light of day
The beauty of the red flower
The boldness of the cactus
And the gentleness of the sage

My duty of righteousness
Turned to gratitude 
My arsenal of words
Turned to song
And my anger
To joy

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