This Moment

It's 5 AM and 75 degrees
The stars sparkle across the sky 
Shining just enough light 
To make the palm trees look scary. 

There's a gentle breeze,
but it does not cool.
In the distance, 
windows begin to illuminate
as wake over-takes sleep 

There’s a sound of nature
In the distance,
the four-legged type, 
and the domestic creatures take note. 

What will this day hold? 
Work and school 
Family and kids 

Life will take hold soon
and if we aren't careful, 
May consumer us. 

My friends grandfather may take his last breath today, 
Yet, there will be others who will take their first. 

A few more windows illuminate
and a few less stars are visible.

In a short while, 
the sun will begin to glow 
from behind the hills
Its’ blaze will extinguish the stars.
But at this moment,
it's 75 degrees -
and the stars sparkle across the sky.

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