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Silver Thread Publishing allows me to make an authors dream come true by putting their work into print. How often can we actually hold our dream? Books do that for us, they start with an idea and eventually turn into thousands of words printed neatly on a page. Books allow us to hold those original thoughts in our hands.

I love working with Authors. I love making books. Few moments equal the excitement of watching a nervous author opening a plan cardboard box containing their work. The first time they see it, the first time they feel the cover, the first time the pick it up and embrace it, hugging it like a teddy bear. It’s a pretty cool gig.

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The Memoirs of Beatrice Miller

I love Beatrice Miller! First off, she’s a shop girl. She’s young, full of dreams and vision. She loves her family (even if they are a little off) and learns she is willing to do anything to protect them. She redefines letting go.

The Memoirs of Beatrice Miller

Beatrice was from a small town and had outgrown her dream of working at her Uncle’s shop. Now, a young woman and moving on to the big city to start working at the prestigious Breckschnieder’s Department Store. She quickly realizes that she is willing to do anything to protect her new life. Even if that means she has to get rid of a few people…

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Reviews:  Memoirs of Beatrice Miller is a one of a kind book! You are a great writer. I couldn’t put it down and found myself drawn back to it over and over again. Could there be another person she disliked? How will it happen now! I loved reading your work, Jeannie and even the font (old typewriter style) matched the era!

Finding Your Voice Writer’s Group

Finding Your Voice – Online Writing Group

A lesson in speaking your mind and writing your thoughts.

Fourteen topics, fourteen essays, short stories, or memoirs. Finding Your Voice is more than a writing exercise. It’s a way to format your beliefs, express your thoughts and join in conversations while improving your writing skills.

Every two weeks a new topic will be presented, giving time to discuss, contemplate, and formulate your own opinion. At the end of the two weeks, you will put these newly formulated opinions, ideas or stories in writing; Submissions should be 200 – 800 words.

At the end of the 28 weeks, Silver Thread Publishing will be selecting essays for publication in Finding Your Voice, Vol 1.

For more information or to register, email Jeannie @ jeannie@asilverthread.com

Here is a peek at the 14 Topics 

1. Success: How do you define success?

2. Who is God?  No matter your faith, your religion or your past experiences, we all have an opinion of Who is God? Here is your chance to put down on paper what you believe…

3. Diversity:  Our views on Diversity are as diverse as we are. Your life experiences truly define diversity for you.

4. Thoughts on Politics:  We have all heard the saying; Don’t discuss religion, money or politics! Perhaps we can’t talk about them because we have never learned how to listen and accept others opinions. If you were asked your opinion of politics, would you be able to share your point of view?

5. View of Organized Religion:  The viewpoints of Organized Religion are countless. Where do you stand? What have you experienced? What have you built your viewpoint on?

6. The Most Influential Person in Your Life:  Teacher, Uncle, Mom, Friend; who has had the most infuence on your life?

7. Your Favorite Movie:  Now for some fun! Movies, movies, movies…we all watch them, recite them and even act them out.

8. To Be or Not To Be:  Let’s add some Shakespeare to our writing. To Be or Not To Be can be defined in many ways. What is your definition?

9.What are your fears?   Fear can creep into our lives slowly and it can hit us head on. Where have your fears come from? When did you first realize fear can be powerful?

10. How do you view people?  Are you an introvert or extrovert? Do you like large groups or intimate gatherings? How we interact with others is profoundly based on… How Do You View People?

11. Communication:  Communication plays a vital role in all of our lives. Our ability and inability to communicate can have an effect on our relationships, in our careers and our social life. How do you communicate?

12. What holds you back?   Very few of us have never felt as is there were being held back. What stands in your way? What prevents you from jumping ahead?

13. What gives you Joy?  Not what makes you happy? or what makes you laugh? This is deeper. This is what gives you joy?

14. My Seventieth Birthday:  For some of us our Seventieth Birthday is coming fast. Others won’t see their Seventieth for a half century. As you look forward in your life, describe…Your Seventieth Birthday.

Fourteen topics – fourteen essays, short stories or memoirs – under 800 words.

The Plan


The Plan      an allegorical telling of scriptures

theplanFor all the questions I have asked God, there is one that has yet to be answered: God, why did you create this world? It has always seemed to me like a bad science experiment.

I have passed the half century mark and I still ask God that question (and a few more). Years of life’s experiences have brought me a bit closer to an answer but it still remains a question. If  we have eternal souls – and if God knew us before the foundations of the world was made; Who are we? Why are we here?

I was having this very conversation with my husband who had heard these questions countless times before. As always he sat patiently listening, nodding his head a few times and smiling in between sips of his favorite hoppy beverage.

And then an idea dropped from the sky and The Plan was born. The Plan is a story of a group of people who were deceived in leaving the Kingdom in search of something greater. A plan is required to bring those who left home again. There is a King – guess who he is – and a Queen who is my idle. They have seven sons; one of which is willing to sacrifice all for the Fallen Souls. There’s a flood, a few lions, some miracles called works of the Kingdom; and of course the evilest Patho who is out to destroy it all.
“It’s a beautiful story, but what makes it profound is the way it is told.”

 “The best thing I can tell you is that I still can’t stop thinking about the book.  In my mind a book I can’t stop thinking about is   fabulous!

Available @ Amazon.com   in paperback or eBook.

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Lessons Learned


Lessons Learned in Retail Management

Jeannie Bruenning

Managers are the heart, the soul and the brains of any retail operation.

Lessons Learned in Retail Management breaks down the manager’s role in four parts: the importance of understanding financials, the skills needed to manage employees, finding the lost art of customer service, and the importance of personal development. Twenty-five years in the making, it contains successful tools for building strong foundations and turning stores around.
Whether you are on the first rung of the ladder or feel as if you’re stuck somewhere in the middle, Lessons Learned in Retail Management is a primer in basic retail management and provides tools to help you continue to climb and reach the next rung.

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I am forever finding notebooks, file folders and binders containing stories that I’ve written. One such notebook surfaced a short time ago. As I sat reading the short stories about managers I’ve worked with, stores I’ve run and businesses I’ve been involved with, I couldn’t help but wonder if it wasn’t time to put together that business book on management I promised myself I would write some day.

Shortly after this discovery, a rare job opportunity crossed my path. The job itself was not rare, it was managing a retail store. The rarity was the fact that in our little beach town of 8,000 people, of which 4,000 consider this their vacation home, there is an outlet mall a half-mile from my home with real stores; store that you would find in the big city, not in a beach town in the middle of nowhere.

The job posting was for an appeal store. I had never managed an appeal store. The thought of it actually made me laugh. Managing a store whose clientele would be 99.9% female, a staff that would most likely be women and telling others how to dress, not on my bucket list. The fact that I’ve always said I would never want to work anywhere where they had to deal with hangers and folding stuff also came to mine. But it was retail. I know retail and it could be fun writing a book while testing my theories in real time. This could be a great gig, half-mile from home, no late nights or early mornings; I could play the role of shop girl while writing my book.

During the interview I was told that the store was in trouble. It had experienced a constant decline in sales, BUT the potential was there (they always say that!). I confidently said that taking over stores in trouble never bothered me; in fact, most of my career has been about turning stores around. I got the job and started just before Christmas.

By the end of week one, we had already begun to see an increase in sales. By the end of the first quarter we were everyone’s radar. By the end of the year we had won a number of sales contests, hit the top 5 store lists on numerous occasions and solidified our standing in the top 20 store of the entire company. I actually received the “Best of the Best” award. Now, I’ve been saying it for years but to have someone else actually put it on a plaque, somehow makes it complete.

Us, the store in the little beach town had risen to the top. Come to find out, this store had not only been in trouble, it was on the chopping block. The lease was up, it was under-performing, and plans were in place for its’ closing. No wonder we were on the radar, we had not only gone from bad to good, we had gone from dead to great! So much for flying under the radar.

Year two rolled around and I finished Lessons Learned in Retail Management. “Thank goodness that year is over,” I thought. “This year will be my year out of the spot light; just run the store, have fun and get that book published.” My little shop around the corner is booming. As much as I want to say I would love to walk away, my curiosity is engaged; just how far can this store go?

Lessons Learned (while climbing the apparently never-ending ladder of success) in Retail Management is just that, lessons learned. For over 25 years I’ve been managing something. Most of my experience has been in retail, but not all. The bottom line is – managing is managing. The stage may change, the cast of characters may differ, the product sold may vary, but in the end it’s the same movie.

Managers are the heart and brains of a store, without them there is no life. It’s a tough job and a tough way to make a living, but anyone who has ever walked into a store to place an order or make a purchase is dependent on them. Without them, our consumer driven world would collapse.

Lessons Learned in Retail Management breaks down the manager’s role in four parts: the importance of understanding financials, the skills needed in managing people, finding the lost art of customer service, and the importance of personal development. Its 25 years in the making and has proven to be a successful tool for turning stores around, building strong foundations and becoming a successful manager – no matter how tall the ladder of success may be.



I’ve heard artists speak of moments of inspiration. A song writer who claims it took fifteen minutes to write a song. A speaker who moves outside his notes – using words and terms that flow from deep within. I love hearing stories of those who were known to lock themselves up for days, forgetting to eat, unable to sleep; only to present a waiting audience with a painting, a drawing or a piece of music that lives forever. Inspiration: an unexplainable phenomena.

Any inspiration begins with an idea. How often do we have ideas that we don’t act on? How often do we say, I thought about doing that once? Not that all ideas are inspired, but I do believe that we toss more of them away than we should. If inspiration is birthed by an idea, should not all ideas be considered?

I had a question; God why are we here? After years of asking that questions, I had a thought, an idea. It seemed crazy at first. There was a time I could have tossed it out with all the others. I am grateful I did not. Inspiration is a gift, that begins with an idea – it’s truly an unexplainable phenomena.


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