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Finding Your Voice – Online Writing Group

A lesson in speaking your mind and writing your thoughts.

Fourteen topics, fourteen essays, short stories, or memoirs. Finding Your Voice is more than a writing exercise. It’s a way to format your beliefs, express your thoughts and join in conversations while improving your writing skills.

Every two weeks a new topic will be presented, giving time to discuss, contemplate, and formulate your own opinion. At the end of the two weeks, you will put these newly formulated opinions, ideas or stories in writing; Submissions should be 200 – 800 words.

At the end of the 28 weeks, Silver Thread Publishing will be selecting essays for publication in Finding Your Voice, Vol 1.

For more information or to register, email Jeannie @

Here is a peek at the 14 Topics 

1. Success: How do you define success?

2. Who is God?  No matter your faith, your religion or your past experiences, we all have an opinion of Who is God? Here is your chance to put down on paper what you believe…

3. Diversity:  Our views on Diversity are as diverse as we are. Your life experiences truly define diversity for you.

4. Thoughts on Politics:  We have all heard the saying; Don’t discuss religion, money or politics! Perhaps we can’t talk about them because we have never learned how to listen and accept others opinions. If you were asked your opinion of politics, would you be able to share your point of view?

5. View of Organized Religion:  The viewpoints of Organized Religion are countless. Where do you stand? What have you experienced? What have you built your viewpoint on?

6. The Most Influential Person in Your Life:  Teacher, Uncle, Mom, Friend; who has had the most infuence on your life?

7. Your Favorite Movie:  Now for some fun! Movies, movies, movies…we all watch them, recite them and even act them out.

8. To Be or Not To Be:  Let’s add some Shakespeare to our writing. To Be or Not To Be can be defined in many ways. What is your definition?

9.What are your fears?   Fear can creep into our lives slowly and it can hit us head on. Where have your fears come from? When did you first realize fear can be powerful?

10. How do you view people?  Are you an introvert or extrovert? Do you like large groups or intimate gatherings? How we interact with others is profoundly based on… How Do You View People?

11. Communication:  Communication plays a vital role in all of our lives. Our ability and inability to communicate can have an effect on our relationships, in our careers and our social life. How do you communicate?

12. What holds you back?   Very few of us have never felt as is there were being held back. What stands in your way? What prevents you from jumping ahead?

13. What gives you Joy?  Not what makes you happy? or what makes you laugh? This is deeper. This is what gives you joy?

14. My Seventieth Birthday:  For some of us our Seventieth Birthday is coming fast. Others won’t see their Seventieth for a half century. As you look forward in your life, describe…Your Seventieth Birthday.

Fourteen topics – fourteen essays, short stories or memoirs – under 800 words.

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