I’ve heard artists speak of moments of inspiration. A song writer who claims it took fifteen minutes to write a song. A speaker who moves outside his notes – using words and terms that flow from deep within. I love hearing stories of those who were known to lock themselves up for days, forgetting to eat, unable to sleep; only to present a waiting audience with a painting, a drawing or a piece of music that lives forever. Inspiration: an unexplainable phenomena.

Any inspiration begins with an idea. How often do we have ideas that we don’t act on? How often do we say, I thought about doing that once? Not that all ideas are inspired, but I do believe that we toss more of them away than we should. If inspiration is birthed by an idea, should not all ideas be considered?

I had a question; God why are we here? After years of asking that questions, I had a thought, an idea. It seemed crazy at first. There was a time I could have tossed it out with all the others. I am grateful I did not. Inspiration is a gift, that begins with an idea – it’s truly an unexplainable phenomena.


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