Nov 6

At 10:00 tomorrow morning, Jeff and I will relive the phone call we received two years ago from Austyn telling us her water broke; almost 16 weeks early.  We will then recall Brian telling us that she had been airlifted to a hospital in Denver. By 5:00 Jeff and I were on a plane. At midnight we were in her room. The next morning on the way back to the hospital, we received a call that they had been rushed to the ER. When we arrived at the hospital we were informed that they were back in the delivery room – hoping that she could deliver naturally.

Around 2:00 Jeff and I stood outside the delivery room door, listening to the doctors giving instructions to push. A few minutes later a nurse walked out beaming. She simply said, “She’s breathing on her own – she’s a fighter.” For 3 1/2 months Emery Rain Ford lived in the hospital, I lived in Niwat CO and Jeff lived in CA.

On Nov 6 while the rest of the country is fighting over who will be president, I will be playing with Emery Rain as she turns two. I will be grateful for the insurance that allowed her to get the care she needed, for the extended unemployment that allowed me to care for my children as they cared for theirs. I will be grateful that we live in a country where we can choose who will watch over us. But most of all I will be confident that the God who was there 2 years ago and blessed us in allowing our Emery Rain Ford to survive will be the same God who will watch over us no matter who sits in an oval office.

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