A marriage contract

There are few questions I’ve pondered over the past few years as I’ve listened to all the debates on marriage.

Question #1:  If two Atheists get married at the court-house and never step foot in a church, are they considered married in the sight of God?

Question #2:  If two Christians get married in a church, but refuse to sign the marriage certificate, does God consider them married?

Question #3: When did Genesis 2:24 – the “leave it and cleave it” verse – become “And they shall obtain a marriage license to prove this holy union”?

If two people, any two people want to be in a contract with each other allowing them to the rights that the State provides – they should do so; it’s called equal rights. It’s what those renegade forefathers fought for. The ones who risked everything to build a country that allowed people freedom.

If two people want to be  married in the sight of God, that is between them and God. It has nothing to do with a church, a priest or the color of the dress. It has everything to do with the commitment each makes in their hearts to each other and to God – this can be done anywhere.

A marriage license is important.  The most common reason is that it provides tax benefits and legal rights. Two things God isn’t particularly interested in. However, it is important when the individuals who are under contract decide they don’t want to be in contract with each other anymore.

Jeff and I will celebrate our 33rd anniversary next month. We did the marriage license and the church thing; but the contract that had the most influence was the one we came up with early in our marriage. It simply stated that whoever broke up the marriage would get the house, the debt and the kids – with no argument from the other party.

Obviously neither of us wanted that!

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