Day 31

Walking on Water

Day 31 of this 31 day fast. I was hoping for a big ending and I wasn’t disappointed. This morning as I sat at my computer it was as if a slide show began in my head with all the crazy and unfinished situations that have been part our life these past four years. For an instant, it felt as if it were all hanging on a thread.

THEN a thought came to me, It’s like walking on the water. I stopped to consider. I love the story of Peter trying to walk on the water.  I have stepped off the side of a pool many times with complete confidence that I could walk across the pool. Like Peter – I sank. BUT I have never looked at this story symbolically.

Walking on water means there is no back up plan. There are no ropes. No strings. This isn’t jumping from rock to rock. There is nothing holding you up but water. Imagine, standing in the middle of a lake, suspended. Does that not describe so many times in our lives.  Suspended, nothing to grab, nothing to catch us … walking on water.

So what does this story mean? That if we keep our eyes on Jesus, we can walk on water! We can walk through the times in our lives when there is no floor, nothing to hold on to, no plan B.  We not only can walk through them, we can get to the other side. We can walk on water!

…and if we you find ourselves sinking, He is always close by, reaching out His hand, helping us back in the boat.

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