The Plan


The Plan      an allegorical telling of scriptures

theplanFor all the questions I have asked God, there is one that has yet to be answered: God, why did you create this world? It has always seemed to me like a bad science experiment.

I have passed the half century mark and I still ask God that question (and a few more). Years of life’s experiences have brought me a bit closer to an answer but it still remains a question. If  we have eternal souls – and if God knew us before the foundations of the world was made; Who are we? Why are we here?

I was having this very conversation with my husband who had heard these questions countless times before. As always he sat patiently listening, nodding his head a few times and smiling in between sips of his favorite hoppy beverage.

And then an idea dropped from the sky and The Plan was born. The Plan is a story of a group of people who were deceived in leaving the Kingdom in search of something greater. A plan is required to bring those who left home again. There is a King – guess who he is – and a Queen who is my idle. They have seven sons; one of which is willing to sacrifice all for the Fallen Souls. There’s a flood, a few lions, some miracles called works of the Kingdom; and of course the evilest Patho who is out to destroy it all.
“It’s a beautiful story, but what makes it profound is the way it is told.”

 “The best thing I can tell you is that I still can’t stop thinking about the book.  In my mind a book I can’t stop thinking about is   fabulous!

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