I’m living in a fish bowl that plays latino music

As I opened the patio door for Ellie, I grabbed my cup of tea and headed back to bed. I never sleep in, but once in a while the thought of getting back into bed and turning on a favorite episode of Dr. Who is very tempting.

As I pulled the covers up and reached for the remote, I recalled the trucks that were parked out in front of the house. “I think we’re getting a new roof,” I said to Jeff as he finished getting ready for work. I clicked on TV and looked over to the bathroom…

We have three skylights in our house, one in each bathroom and one in the kitchen. Skylights, shower, and roofers…oh my!! I jumped out of bed and into the shower as I heard footsteps above. It was the fastest shower I ever took; dried off and got dressed while still in the shower, protected by the Chicago Metro Map shower curtain. After which I grabbed my luck-warm tea and went to the living room to watch the Doctor in spite of the drilling, scraping, and banging from above.

A short time later I walked into the bathroom – to use it – and I glanced up; shadows of workers were passing over the skylight, “I can’t even pee! What do I do? Do I bring the patio umbrella in here? Maybe if I don’t look up, it won’t be so embarrassing… I’m living in a fishbowl!”

In the kitchen, I heard muffled voices and latino music. It was muffled like when you accidentally call someone then drop your phone into your purse and can hear voices but have no idea where they are coming from. It seemed louder when I stood in the corner, but unless the toaster oven was receiving a single, I had no solution. Then I looked up, squinted my eyes, as if that would help me hear, and realized there was a radio playing on the roof – right next to the skylight. “A fishbowl with latino music…”

On day two of fish bowl life, I got into the shower at 6:30AM to beat the rush. I used someone else’s bathroom late in the morning, but by the time I started dinner, I realized that the men on the roof had a front row seat to my cooking mastery. A lesson in making stuffed peppers to the beat of the local latino radio station while watching a BBC murder mystery.

My fishbowl is so multi-cultural!

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