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family hacienda and the prickly pear by jeannie bruenning

A friend of mine commented that our family hacienda adventure should be wonderful since our personalities are very similar. I nodded a blank nod and later, as I recalled the conversation, I had to chuckle. 

The same personalities…us? The same? Have you met us? We are a very diverse crew, some may argue we are six opposites. 

I thought I should take inventory of just who are these people I’m going to be living with…

We’ll start with the old people.

Jeff has a soul of a musician and a heart of an actor. He claims to have only had 3 bosses in his thirty plus year career which proves he’s quite stable. He isn’t exactly an adventure seeker and is a natural at pointing out why something (mostly my ideas) won’t work. 

Next is me, a writer who is grateful that we will never, ever run out of the color orange. I love adventures and the thought of walking on water makes my heart skip a beat. Where most people have a thought, I have an idea and they never stop coming. It’s just how I’m wired.

The next generation starts with a brilliant philosopher who has a cynical sense of humor. He knows how to brew beer and distill spirits. He makes the most amazing cinnamon whisky thing I’ve ever tasted. There’s been some amazing brew creations that have been consumed at Oktoberfest and a wedding reception.

He’s attached to a chef, she’s the newest to the cast. She’s a bit angelic and if she were my daughter, I’d claim she got her angelic-ness from me! She creates amazing delicacies that we can eat all day. She loves to fry things!! Best of all, she doesn’t suffer fools.

That brings me to the photographer/artist who sees all of life as though looking through a camera lens. Her ability to understand color and light is genius. Recently, she tried her hand at creating websites and they are amazing. She never tires of the crazy moments in life. She is strong, intelligent, opinionated, caring and free.

She’s connected to a pilot who knows how to fix airplanes ( and just about anything else that breaks). He is also an engineer and knows how to install high speed Internet on private jets. There’s a big fancy name for what he does, but I’m sure I couldn’t spell it. He’s creating our very own server so we don’t have to depend on internet for our entertainment at the hacienda. I don’t have a clue how this works but it sound very exciting.

The third generation begins with a 16 1/2 year old who is discovering life and will be getting her drivers license soon. There’s an almost 10 year old who loves building robots and baking pies without using a recipe. He assures us that an ATV is in his future and he’ll be responsible for taking the garbage down the hill. We have our very own 8 year old Pokemon expert who requires lots of snacks and a 5 month old who loves to sing and laugh and pretty much takes center stage when she enters a room. There are currently 2 cats and 1 dog who have never met and we expect will keep their distance once living under the same roof.

That’s our crew. A musician and a writer, a brew master and chef, an artist and engineer. It’s about as diverse as they come. Our only true similarity is that we love each other’s craziness and appreciate what each brings to the table. We need each other’s strengths and can laugh at our own weaknesses.

Together we make one crazy – and very diverse – family.

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