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Do you remember that morning when we were unloading a truck at 6:00 in the morning because there was a thunder storm the night before and after we finished with the truck Brian checked on the trampoline and found it had blown over during the night because of the crazy winds and when he went to move it realized that it had landed on an irrigation pipe and water was pouring down the hill which is why there was no water pressure in the house and I stepped on the pipe with my shoe and stopped the water but had to stand there for an hour while Brian ran to the hardware store to get a top and when he got home and stopped the eruption of well water flowing from the pipe we realized that all the kids were late for school so I took all five in the car and dropped them off – except for Amelia cause she’s only 5 months old – then we tried to get the mud out of the truck since it’s been raining in California forever which means the song about it never rains in Southern California is a lie but anyway we filled the truck up with gas which took a long time cause we’ve moved three houses this weekend and the guy on the other side of the pump notice the jeep and said he had replacement windows for the back and we were really excited then we went to the last house for a final gathering of all those little things that take so long to load and it was still raining and there weren’t windows in the back of the jeep cause we had just met the guy at the gas station and he hadn’t called us yet but we kept going and emptied the house and on the final trip back to the new house had to stop at 3 different gas stations because the tires were looking a little low and two of the air pumps were broke and when we finally got home and unloaded for the last time in our entire life we realized we were really hungry cause it was NOON!!! That was a cray morning!!!

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