14 – The Bedroom

Audio Lesson: https://youtu.be/ydnXjbsWc5M

She makes beautiful bedspreads for herself; fine linen and purple wool are her raiment.

If you are picturing a woman to has no time for herself, you are wrong. This isn’t the raggedy lady that has thrown on the same old blue jeans and T-shirt because she is so busy taking care of the world she doesn’t have time to take care of herself. No, not this woman of valor. She is vibrant. She surrounds herself with color, beauty, and texture that makes her feel like a queen. Bedrooms are important. Bedrooms make a strong statement about how we feel about ourselves, our relationship, and our lives. This bedroom speaks volumes.

The bed is adorn with a beautifully designed cover, handmade by the women of the house. It’s not crumpled up in the corner, or laying on the floor, and it certainly isn’t wrapped in plastic waiting for company. It covers the bed perfectly. It draws you in and makes you want to lay down for a moment to rest. It waits for night to come, where it will be needed once again for warmth.

Around the room you won’t find clothes piled in a heap, or spread across the floor. You don’t do that to things you cherish, things you care about. She is dressed well. Well doesn’t have to be expensive. Well can simply mean you’ve put some thought into what you wear. For those still living in the world that clothes don’t matter, that ship has sailed. They do matter. They matter to you and to those around you. If they don’t matter, its because you don’t feel you matter and it’s time to get over that!

It’s time to have a bedroom that is your retreat. It’s time to paint the canvas that cover’s your body with color, textures and style. Splash on the purples, the oranges and reds. Roll out the wool, linen and cottons. Be a woman with style, it not hard and it’s not expensive; and if you don’t know how to do it – find someone who does.

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