13 – Fearless

Audio Lesson: https://youtu.be/mRpgq-MucJw

She fears not for her household for the snow, for all her household are dressed in crimson.

Can we just stop at she fears not! Fear is driving our current world. We are paralyzed by it, consumed by it, drugged up in hopes to ignore it, physically sick because of it; it controls our lives.

Perfect love casts out all fear. Love is fears exact opposite. Put two magnets together and they repelled each other. Put love and fear together and one is repelled. Unlike magnets that equally move apart, we get to choose if it’s love or fear that will leave.

We have to be able to accept love. We have to accept perfect love – God’s love. It doesn’t matter how much we think we love him, or show our love for him by doing good to others. That love does not conquer fear. That love is effort and when tested, will crumble.

We also have to accept the fact that nothing we can do will ever make God love us more or less. That’s not up to us, that’s up to him and his love is unconditional, it is equal to all, and it is the only weapon against fear.

The rest of this verse simply states that she is prepared. Once again we see her life is in order, she isn’t caught off guard because winter has arrived and she wasn’t ready. She knows it comes every year. The hats, boots, mittens and winter coats are neatly piled in the front closet waiting for the snow to fall. She’s prepared. She’s organized. She’s ready. Most of all, she’s not afraid!

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