The Moxy Chick

Each year I find myself revisiting Proverbs 31. It’s been a proverb that I have loved and read since a teen. Back then, this Proverb was all about being the perfect wife – HA!- the perfect wife only exists when there is a perfect husband – HA!HA!

In my 30’s  it spoke to me on a new level. It became a guide on how to manage a crazy life and pretend that you have it all. Honey, only 30 year olds believe they can have it all. HA!HA!HA!

In my 40’s, Moxy started to shine a new light on the importance of building character, being a strong, courageous woman, and living without fear.

In my 50’s Moxy has become a good friend, a wise old woman who has hidden secrets that she reveals when she feels like it or when the reader is finally listening.

A few months ago I was going to start a study on her at our church, but one thing led to another and it was postponed until fall. Somewhere between writing the workbook and trying to figure out childcare for those attending the study, the idea of recording each week snuck in.

So here it is; Moxy, A Study of Proverbs 31. Twenty lessons on a woman who I adore. So pour yourself a drink, turn on your favorite background music, get comfy, and take a listen. She will not disappoint.

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13 – Fearless

Audio Lesson:

She fears not for her household for the snow, for all her household are dressed in crimson.

Can we just stop at she fears not! Fear is driving our current world. We are paralyzed by it, consumed by it, drugged up in hopes to ignore it, physically sick because of it; it controls our lives.

Perfect love casts out all fear. Love is fears exact opposite. Put two magnets together and they repelled each other. Put love and fear together and one is repelled. Unlike magnets that equally move apart, we get to choose if it’s love or fear that will leave.

We have to be able to accept love. We have to accept perfect love – God’s love. It doesn’t matter how much we think we love him, or show our love for him by doing good to others. That love does not conquer fear. That love is effort and when tested, will crumble.

We also have to accept the fact that nothing we can do will ever make God love us more or less. That’s not up to us, that’s up to him and his love is unconditional, it is equal to all, and it is the only weapon against fear.

The rest of this verse simply states that she is prepared. Once again we see her life is in order, she isn’t caught off guard because winter has arrived and she wasn’t ready. She knows it comes every year. The hats, boots, mittens and winter coats are neatly piled in the front closet waiting for the snow to fall. She’s prepared. She’s organized. She’s ready. Most of all, she’s not afraid!

13 – Handy Mandy

Audio Lesson:

19 She stretches forth her hands onto the distaff, and her hands support the spindle. 20 She spreads out her hand to the poor man, and she stretches her hands out to the needy.

You gotta get your hands a little dirty. She isn’t afraid to.

The distaff is the part of a spinning wheel that holds the wool. And since she has already sought out the wool, along with the flax, she is finishing the job. Once again we see that she is engaged. Not one to sit on her hands waiting to be rescued, or for thing to happen, or for life to change; no, not this one. This one buys the wool, threads the wheel, and supports the spindle.

She is also very caring. She uses those same hands to help the poor and assist the needy. It takes more than just a pair of hands to do this. It takes time, a kind spirit, and a listening ear. Not everyone who is needy carries a sign with them.

We are surrounded by people who are needy. Their needs range from being homeless, to being hungry, to feeling lost and alone, to just needing someone to talk to, someone who cares.

When we are too busy, we miss them. When our minds are filled with other voices, we can’t hear them. When we forget that we are to be kind, we pass them by, shrug them off, ignore them, and in some cases, wish they would disappear.

You gotta get your hands dirty sometimes. It what good warriors do.

11 – An All Nighter

Audio Lesson:

She advises that her merchandise is good her lamp does not go out at night.

She doesn’t just think it, she knows it. She knows that what she accomplishes is good and she is relentless, never turning off the light, never calling it quits.

It’s not easy to be confident in your finished projects. Doubt, anxiety, insecurities plague all of us. If this one has any doubt, she doesn’t let it rule her. Perhaps it is the fact that she is disciplined, or that she is organized, or that she can actually see a profit, or that she won’t settle for anything less.

She is confident in the finished results of whatever she puts her hands to, and down deep, she knows it’s the best she has to offer, thus it is good. How could it not be? This one takes life seriously, lives it to the fullest, takes advantage of every opportunity and has strong arms. Above all that, she’s not a quitter. She refuses to give up. She takes the time to learn what she needs, works diligently to perfect it, and in the end, is satisfied with the final product. And it’s good!!

2 – What?

2 What, my son, and what, the son of my womb, and what, the son of my vows?

At first glance this seems like a nonsensical verse. There’s a lot of Whats going on. Sometimes it’s the nonsensical ones that force us to look deeper. Queen Mum is not asking this of her son, she is asking it of herself. What, my son, shall I teach you?

As mom’s, we are faced with these questions;

  • What shall I teach you?
  • What will you need to make it in this world?
  • What will allow you to survive?
  • What will help you succeed?
  • What? What? What?This is not exclusive to moms. If you do not have children or your children are grown and your motherly duties are over, you aren’t off the hook. There are several places in scripture where older women are instructed to teach the younger.

Titus 2:3 Older women likewise are to be reverent in their behavior, not malicious gossips nor enslaved to much wine, teaching what is good.

We live in a world where many woman come out of homes that did not provide a strong, healthy image of a woman. As children, these images are imprinted in our minds and until we are confronted with a different image, we remained programed to what we have experienced.

1. What example did your mother set for you?


2. Who was your female role model growing up?



Why? Why? Why? Why did she choose to teach him what to look for in a partner? Why isn’t this proverb about being a strong leader, or managing money, or entrepreneurship? Why isn’t it about being holy, living the ten commandments, or attending temple regularly?

Queen Mum knew something. She understood that finding a partner who is confident, self- sufficient, with a strong and mature character would allow him every advantage to be the best he could be. A mom who takes the time to teach such things must have also taken the time to develop equal character in her own son.

This is in no way a proverb that is sexist, far from it. Queen Mum was raising the future King. She was teaching her son what a good woman looks like. She knew he would be inundated with potential wives; he could have the pick of litter. Queen Mum knew the character required to be queen. I believe that if this proverb was given to her daughter, it would be very much the same.

What? What? What? What do you need to learn? What do I need to teach you? Most importantly, What am I teaching you?