13 – Handy Mandy

Audio Lesson: https://youtu.be/uu0nGhGiGFg

19 She stretches forth her hands onto the distaff, and her hands support the spindle. 20 She spreads out her hand to the poor man, and she stretches her hands out to the needy.

You gotta get your hands a little dirty. She isn’t afraid to.

The distaff is the part of a spinning wheel that holds the wool. And since she has already sought out the wool, along with the flax, she is finishing the job. Once again we see that she is engaged. Not one to sit on her hands waiting to be rescued, or for thing to happen, or for life to change; no, not this one. This one buys the wool, threads the wheel, and supports the spindle.

She is also very caring. She uses those same hands to help the poor and assist the needy. It takes more than just a pair of hands to do this. It takes time, a kind spirit, and a listening ear. Not everyone who is needy carries a sign with them.

We are surrounded by people who are needy. Their needs range from being homeless, to being hungry, to feeling lost and alone, to just needing someone to talk to, someone who cares.

When we are too busy, we miss them. When our minds are filled with other voices, we can’t hear them. When we forget that we are to be kind, we pass them by, shrug them off, ignore them, and in some cases, wish they would disappear.

You gotta get your hands dirty sometimes. It what good warriors do.

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