15 – The Gates

Audio Lesson on YouTube: https://youtu.be/3PVH5SnVBGo

Her husband in known in the gates, when he sits with the elders of the land.

Not everyone is invited to sit at the gates with elders. There is limited seating.

The cartoon image I have is hubby hanging out with the boys, smoking cigars while wify is tending to the kids, making her own clothes, feeding the hungry and saving the world; all while wearing a purple gown and tiara. But that’s just a cartoon.

Any successful man or woman will tell you that they would not be able to achieve what they have without a strong partner. And it’s true. Success alone is very different than success shared with someone you love. Sacrifices are made. Responsibilities are passed back and forth. One fills in the gap while the other is taking care of business. Done right, both parties celebrate the achievements. Done right, both deserve the award.

It takes a confident partner to be the support person. It takes a kind and loving partner to ensure the partnership is working even is it feels one sided at times.

The other cartoon that I see is a group of men sitting at the gates of a city, watching a woman who is alive, vibrant, and engaged in life.. wishing they had one of those!

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