In an earlier blog; Hit the ball, Drag Harry, I wrote that I was no longer dragging around my version of Harry.  This week I’ve had a new realization; others apparently felt I should not have let Harry go, so they picked him up and keep trying to give him back to me!

At first this stirred up some big emotions, and by doing so, I had another realization. I don’t recall ever feeling such emotions as, anger, frustration, and sadness without a huge portion of hurt being mixed in. Since I dropped Harry off, the hurt part seems to have departed as well.

It’s interesting to feel anger without feeling wounded in some way. It’s weird to feel sadness without thinking, “look what you did to me.” Well, it’s only weird for those of us that have spent many years being wounded or victims or selfish.

I dropped Harry a while back and promised not to pick him up again. I never thought someone else would feel the need to pick him up and give him back. Part of being  free is realizing that’s their choice.  So go ahead, rescue poor Harry. Shove him in the cart with the other Harrys you’ve picked up along the way.  But I gotta say, you can only haul so many Harry’s around before your golf cart will capsize.

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