Today He’s 30

Thirty years ago today he was born. The doctor who delivered him was called away from his son’s wedding to do so, it was apparent he had been celebrating a bit too much to be the doctor on call. But he made it and so did Raun Alexander Bruenning.

From the beginning Raun has been my laughter. He has also been so far ahead of me that it’s almost impossible to keep up. He learned to walk on his tip toes, never a good sign. He couldn’t hold still for a moment – something always had to be moving. He was the teacher’s helper in pre-school because he could put all the puzzles together by the age of 2 , while carrying on a conversation. He scored a 150 on the IQ test given to him in kindergarten. He was reading John Gresham when he was in 5th grade.

The aliens came and took him away as they do with most teens, but he was safely returned when he was 20.  It took awhile for him to decide to go to college,  when he did, he effortlessly made the Deans List all 4 years.

He stepped into a situation that most would have run from and in doing so, he learned about himself and how to get free. He defines what being a dad is. He is “My son in whom I am well pleased!” …and he still keeps me laughing.

Raun’s story:

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  1. I loved this. It was fun to feel your love and pride.

    My computer wouldn’t let me go to the link, and I need to go on today, but perhaps later I’ll read the link. I’m very interested.

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