Jeannie Bruenning Author

Playing offence

There are two sides to all games, the offence and the defense. Too often, there also seems to be two sides to every relationship, conversation and business transaction; there’s an offence and a defense.  It amazes me that there are those so skilled in taking control of the game by playing offence they seem to leave the other side totally confused. Some are so gifted in playing offense they manager to get an entire group of people running around in circles trying to protect each other.

I want to get really good at playing offense. I want to be the one who asks the questions that make the other side run, to stumble all over themselves as they try to explain themselves. And when there is guilt involved, I want to protect the innocent by playing the best offence ever.

I have to remind myself to stop running after the one with the ball, it only keeps me on the defense.  Perhaps by not running, those playing offence will realize the rules have changed and the game has shifted! Maybe I need to begin playing a different game!  Yep, I gotta get better at playing offence!


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