Write On!

Somehow my email address found it’s way on an email list of a woman who decided to start a writers group. If I do the 6 degrees of separation thing, I can connect us  – but it’s a big stretch. Anyway, I signed up and attended the first gathering. This in and of itself is quite impressive,  I was going to spend the evening with 11 women I had never met.  The all women and all strangers would have stopped me in my tracks a short while ago.

We went around the room sharing a bit about ourselves as it related to our writing. As luck would have it, I went last! As I listened to each women I heard things like, fear, I’ve always wanted to, I don’t take the time, I had this idea for 15 years…. After each one shared I wanted to give them a hug and say “I’ve been there!” It’s a humbling experience to come face to face with images of who you once were. I must admit I chuckled a few times today as I thought about it. You see, I feel as if I’ve watched the movie! I know how it ends!! It’s great and I can’t wait to watch this group of women cross the finish line!!!

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