An odd week

This has been an odd week. On Monday I mailed my last unemployment form; tomorrow the final check will be arriving.  Eighteen months ago I left work, never to return due to my new allergy.  Since that day, I have found myself with a lot of time. Hopefully I have used that time wisely. We’ll see just how wise in a few weeks, I will be attending my first event in hopes of connecting with authors.

As far as the job market, well there are a few strikes against me. We live in California. We live in a town of 8,000; there are more people living and working at 900 N Michigan Ave, my last Chicago job – not a ton of opportunity. Oh yes, there is that coffee thing….I’ve yet to find a place that doesn’t serve, brew or allow consumption of coffee.

So this is what I would consider as the unknown. I used to hate the unknown – scared the crap out of me.  I’m not sure why I have this deep sense of excitement. Can’t explain why I feel like a kid getting ready for a new adventure.  Perhaps these past eighteen months has allowed me to do more than create a business plan for a publishing company. Perhaps I’ve learn to live for today and trust that God has tomorrow under control. If that’s the case, than this last eighteen months was the bestest school I ever attended.

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