Field Life

Stories of King Nebuchadnezzar are found in the Old Testament. He was the king that tossed Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego into the fiery furnace. They didn’t burn and he proclaimed that their God (not his) was the true God. Sometime later he had a dream that warned him of coming events. If his life didn’t change, old King Nebie was going to experience what I call Field Life.

Things didn’t change and because of Nebie’s arrogance, he became animal like and spent 7 periods (days, weeks, months, years – yet to be decided) living out in the field like some sort of beast. This field just happened to be next to the palace so all his servants could see. After this time of Field Life, King Nebie made a profound statement:

Now, I( Nebuchadnezzar) praise and exalt and glorify the King of heaven, Whose works are all true and   Whose ways are just and Who can humble those who walk with arrogance.

Can humble those who walk with arrogance. I had to look up the word: arrogant  (ˈærəɡənt)   — adj having or showing an exaggerated opinion of one’s own importance, merit, ability, etc; conceited; overbearingly proud.

Arrogant people will experience Field Life. It’s a law of nature. Arrogance will not go unnoticed.

What does that mean for me? Don’t be arrogant!

What does that mean to those arrogant people around me? I don’t have to worry, it’s all taken care of…sometime –  some where they will find themselves living in the field.

Can you notice when someone is experiencing Field Life?  If you look closely you can.

Should I try to rescue them? NO!

Field Life has a purpose, you can’t stop it . . . but you can prevent it!

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