First kiss

Because of the amount of time I spent in Colorado this past fall, my grandson Liam, who was 18 months old at the time, really bonded with me. Liam learned a lot of new things during this time. He learned to give kisses. The first time we were showing his mommy, Austyn said, “Liam, can I have a kiss?” Liam leaned over and kissed me. Austyn cried and I cherished the moment.

Liam flew back to California with me on two occasions. On one of our flights back to Colorado, Liam and I were sitting in the back of the plane surrounded by empty seats, just how Neenee likes it. The beverage cart on the airplane was a wonderful discovery for Liam. That cart is a treasure chest. There are plastic cups that can stack and make a tower. The soda can top that makes a fun noise when dropped into the can; sharing Neenee’s(what he calls me)  Ginger ale, playing with ice cubes and the water puddles left after the ice cubes melt.

On this particular trip, Liam saw the beverage cart being rolled out. He almost fell out of his seat and into the isle as he watched it pass. On its return, the flight attendant – a very attractive young woman – shared a few words with Liam. When I say attractive, I mean beautiful; with or without make-up beautiful. When her tasks were completed, she made her way back to chat with us. As she leaned against the back of the seat in front of us, I caught a glimpse of Liam. His lips were puckered up and he was leaning forward, aiming right at her. Clearly Liam felt that she was worthy of a “Neenee kiss.”

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