You’re mean

I was informed by my grandson that there exists those who refer to me as mean. It’s not the first time he has felt the need to relay such information. The conversation went something like this…and by the way, the names have been changed to protect the guilty…I didn’t want to come across as too mean!

Chase: Grandma Jeannie, Jenny says you’re mean.

Me: Really?

Chase: Ya, she says you’re mean. (Clearly it was important for him to get the message across.)

Me: Well Chase, there are two kinds of mean. There is the mean where you are just a nasty person and you try to hurt other people and say bad things about them and are mean to them. Then, there are those who are mean because they want others to follow rules so that they and those around them stay safe.

Chase: That’s not mean!

Me: I know. But if you are someone who doesn’t want to follow the rules than you would think it’s mean. It’s OK that they think I’m mean. I’m OK with that.

Chase: Can we go to McDonalds?

Me: Not today, we don’t have time.

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