Judge not lest you be judged

I heard this statement quoted frequently growing up in the church.  It typically was used when criticisms were flying around. I think a lot of us heard it. The problem that I have begun to be aware of, is that used incorrectly, this statement prevents us from making sound judgments about things that are truly wrong or for that matter, harmful.

If I see a person who is doing something wrong (and by this I mean an act that is clearly evil) as soon as I compare myself to them and say,”I am no better,” I not only lose the perspective of what is evil but I also lower my opinion of myself, which for most who think this way isn’t very high to begin with. I wonder if this philosophy has contributed to the amount of abuse in our world; individuals not only feeling victimized but also feeling unworthy.

There exists another element in all of this; we know that everyone is redeemable. However, does seeing the good in everyone prevent us from holding people accountable? Accountable…I don’t recall hearing that term growing up, especially in church.

Is that the connection? “Judge not” used incorrectly prevents accountability?

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