Seder 2011

The table was set. Yarmulkes were worn. The wine was poured and the Seder began. Finger puppets told of the ten plagues. Blessings were read and questions asked. Matzah was broken and parsley dipped.

When it was time for the meal to be served, the lamb was amazing. The rum soaked raisins made the Apple Kugel  taste fantastic. The cardamon made the rice seem like a new creation.

This years Seder differed from all the others. Around our table were eight adults and five children. Two of these children were in high chairs and one went between being held and swinging in her sing. The two-year old cried when we read in unison.  So each unison reading was done with big smiles and cheerful voices, it didn’t help.The five year old decided he wasn’t hungry shortly into the festivities and headed back out side to play. The Rugrats episode of Passover played telling the Passover story in a whole new way.

Rabbi Hoppie (Grandpa Jeff) lead us in this years Seder. It was crazy. It was noisy. It was interrupted when bottles needed to be made or diapers changed or children in need of rescuing from the big furry dog (or the other way around)…all in all it was a huge success and the best one ever!

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