Look what we would have missed.

As I spoke with my daughter this morning, she made the statement, “Look what we would have missed.” What was she speaking of?  Today, Emery is three months old. That is her developmental age, which is based on when she was released from the hospital. Her real age is just over 6 months, based on when she made her surprising entry into this world. We have friends whose little one was born three weeks after Emery, so on one hand Emery is older than her, yet she is younger. Confused? Welcome to my world!

Back to Austyn’s statement; Austyn was referring to what we would have missed if Emery would have been born around her due date, not 15 weeks early. It’s an amazing statement coming from a mom who has found herself signing release papers prior to surgery/procedures on at least six occasions. It’s an amazing statement coming from a mom who was forced to leave an 18 month old at home while making daily trips into the heart of Denver to visit her new born for more than three months.  It was an amazing statement coming from a mom who had to figure out how to move around the house holding her daughter attached to an oxygen tank. The list goes on.

It’s difficult for me to grasp this statement. It’s even more difficult for me to explain the emotions that are touched by it. What would we have missed…getting acquainted with Emery Rain Ford and watching a miracle every day of her life. What would I have missed? Watching my daughter becoming amazing.

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