Pirate Children

Going to the beach during Christmas vacation is part of the fun of living in California.  We made it to the beach every day.  Sage said we live in an upside down world.  She also said she wanted to come back in the summer when it would be winter here, that’s what happens in an upside down world.  We walked along the beach and three small children made their way into the water, we found sea shells and explored the dunes.  Sand dunes are great fun with children.  They can run, jump, slide, roll and build the most amazing sand objects ever.  To a kid the dunes look as large as mountains.  Grandpa Jeff helped make sand cars, sand castles and even sand mermaids.

At the entrance to the sand dunes is a restaurant with a statue of a large pirate out in front.  As the kids stood for a picture I nick named them “the pirate children”.  From that point on all I had to do was refer to the “pirate children” and they knew we were going to the beach.

Our days were filled with sun, sand and water and our evening were filled with baths to remove the sand, dinner to fill those little pirate stomachs and the Muppets.  Every night we would put on an episode of the Muppets and laugh and sing ourselves to bed time.

New Years Eve came and we all stated our goal for 2009, toasted each other and watched the Muppets.  The car was almost packed, they would head out then next day.  The biggest problem with making such a long road trip is the thought of having to return.

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