Christmas Visitors

Jeff and I were planning on spending Christmas alone.  Travel for any of us was just too costly to fit it in this year.  Austyn and Brian would in Colorado for Christmas and spend New Years in California, but Christmas would has Thanksgiving had been – just the two of us. About a week before Christmas Raun called to inform us that we were renting a car and driving to California for Christmas.  We were excited at the thought that they would be here but concerned about the thought of them driving in December two-thirds the way across the country.

They were packed and loaded.  We followed along on the map anticipating their time of arrival.  We planned to drive north to meet them and drive them into back to Pismo.  As we sat  on this unique Christmas Eve in the Starbucks parking lot the time pasted.  Just around sunset in they pulled. Tired, hungry and sick of being in a car, we loaded them back in and drove home.

Christmas morning was as it should be.  Early risers excited that Santa had found them in California.  We opened presents in pjs.  As apprehensive as we had been about the long drive we were thrilled that they were with us for the holidays.

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