SKYPE  What is this thing called skype, I wanted to know.  There must be a way to talk on the computer and see the person you are talking to.  We bought a camera and downloaded the program and made our first call.

There on the computer screen was Raun.  We were sitting in California talking though our computer to our son in Wisconsin.  I knew there had to be a way.  As each of the kids realized what was happening they made their appearances.  “Hi Grandpa Jeff”, Chase proclaimed as he sat 4 inches from the screen allowing us to view only the top of his head.  Brianna shouted out her greetings as she jumped on the bed behind the group.  Sage sat quietly for a few moments and then slid off the chair making it appear that she had simply vanished.

We spent about 20 minutes taking, asking questions and laughing.  For the entire length of our call someone what jumping, twirling, dancing, swinging or sliding off the chair.

As we clicked the red button to disconnect, I felt as if the room was spinning.  Next time I think I’ll take sea sickness spills…I’m a bit whoosie.

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