There are about 6 plastic crates in the garage that house favorite items from Raun and Austyn’s childhood.  In one of those  crates are Raun’s legos and transformers.  Transformers from 25 years ago are much different than the one you buy now.  They would have to be to last 25 years.

Raun and Chase made their way to the garage, selected the crate that said “Raun’s Toys” and opened it.  Chase sat next to the crate, excited to see what was inside.  As Raun pulled each transformer out and talked about it Chase seemed almost hesitate to touch them.  These were precious items.  Even Chases voice changes.  He spoke as if he were in the presence of greatness.  “Aren’t toys wonderful, Raun.”, he said.

There were new toys upstairs only about 24 hours old but they just didn’t compare to this box of the most amazing, wonderful toys – the Transformers.  There isn’t a phone call that goes by where Chase doesn’t bring up the transformers in the basement.

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