Wedding Day Taxi Ride

We woke early on Thursday, October 30.  Made our way downstairs to the breakfast room to load up on pancakes, oatmeal and everything else that was on the buffet.  After breakfast we granted the kids their wish to go swimming.  The day was unfolding and instructions were given out.  Jeff was with Raun most of the day.  Austyn was doing her picture thing which kept her close to Pam for most of the time.  I would be in charge of the children.  I had greatly underestimated the magnitude of dressing three children and myself for a wedding.

We made our way to the sandwich shop connected to the hotel for lunch.  Spilled juice, tears over not getting the cookie we wanted and Chase pointing out the Chicken Birds (pigeons) that were walking around outside.  Back to the room to get dressed.

Three beautiful children and one grandma emerged for the room to make our way to the street to catch a cab.  Elevators, smiles, winks, congratulations and announcements that “Our mom is getting married today” followed us the entire way.  As we made our way outside the doorman hailed a taxi for us.  All climbed into the cab.  Climbed is just what they did.  Chase was stepping on the Sage’s white dress.  Brianna was sitting next to the door and I was sure she was going to open it and get out the other side.

The cab driver kept looking back at the sight.

“We are going to a wedding”.

“Our mom’s getting married”

“I want to hold the money”

“You are driving too fast”

“You almost hit that bus”

“You should watch were you are going”

Most of the comments made the driver laugh.  I tried to explain that some drivers drive slow and some go fast and some honk the horn.  We looked for street numbers to help pass the time.  This ten minute cab ride seemed as if it were taking us 30.  Cabs are large, you don’t wear seat belt and there is enough room to walk around on the seat if you are three.

The comment that made the most impact was Brianna’s announcement that “Today I get a step dad!”  That’s right.  Today this small family of 4 would be welcoming in a new member and he would be welcoming them into his life as well.

We located our building and the cab driver pulled over to let us out.  Chase gave him his money and he wished us a sincere congratulations.  I’m sure that the rest of the day he talked about the ride with the three kids and their grandma going to a wedding.

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  1. very sweet! I guess I never realized that you guys all had a completely different day than I did. I was so nervous I never thought of that. It is heart warming to hear this. I am so grateful to the Lord for giving us this wonderful family. Our kids are adorable. The love they give me makes me feel like my heart might explode sometimes. Thanks for the post!

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