Bad Words and Monsters in the Vents

We had told family that we would be eating at Buca di Beppo’s for dinner and if anyone was available they should join us.  We bundled the kids up and headed out of the hotel exploring the streets of Chicago.  Buca’s is a great family style Italian restaurant full of pictures and statues.  It was a fun place to visit and would provide entertainment for the kids.

Several family members were able to join us.  Seated at a long table the conversation was lively.  Chase needed to use the restroom and Grandpa Jeff was elected to take him.  20 minutes later they returned.  “Any problem?” I inquired.  “No. We were just talking to the monsters in the air vents.”

Chase believes monsters live in the air vents, especially in restrooms.  These apparently are not scary monsters because he likes to sit quietly and listen for them.  One day while doing this Raun hid behind the door and called out “Chase”.  With excitement and delight Chase said, “He knows my name.”

Sitting a few seats down from Jeff and I was our nephew Wyatt.  Wyatt was having fun throwing spit balls at the kids and pretending that he didn’t do it.  At one point Jeff raised his voice and said “Do I have to come over there and kick your ass?”  Apparently it hadn’t sunk in that we were surrounded by three young children who were very comfortable calling us Grandma and Grandpa.  I quickly turned to remind him of his audience.  There was no other choice than for him to apologize and put himself in a time out.  Scooting his chair over to the corner, Jeff sat quietly for a few moments.  Somehow a grandpa sitting in the corner, smirking about what had just happened is funnier than the situation that put him there.

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