Trip to Chicago

October 30th was the date of wedding number 2.  Jeff and I flew into Midway Airport.  We had not intended to be back so quickly.  It was only three months ago that we had packed up and headed west.  Chicago was welcoming; however in the short time we had spent on the coast we were already feeling the difference in climate.  It was cold and windy just like Chicago should be.

We were not sure how many family members were going to be able to attend.  For most of our family, Austyn’s wedding in June had been the big family trip.  To our surprise and delight almost everyone made it.  We all checked into our hotels, greeted the late arriv als in the lobby.  I had planned to spend most of my time with the children in order to allow Pam and Raun freedom to be with their bridal party.  As we gathered little suitcases, a bag of toy and miniature wedding apparel, we brought Brianna, Sage and Chase to our room to settle in.  What was I thinking, settle in?  Three children don’t settle in especially on the weekend that their mother is getting married.  Jumping on the bed, playing on the computer, looking out the window and asking a thousand times to go swimming is what three children do…and we did it all.

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