I Hear Babies

Jeff had been very clear with both kids to warn against having children too quickly. He had told both Raun and Austyn to wait a few years.  Take time to get a little settled.  Austyn had said for months that she was afraid that she would get pregnant right away, this was not something they in any way were planning and she was fearful of what would happen to their life style if it did.

Many years ago Jeff was asked by my cousin about birth control.  He said it really wasn’t an issue because all he had to do was to think about babies and he would hear them crying “That was enough.”  Mention the phrase “I hear babies” to my cousin and he’ll relay the entire story.

Austyn and Brian had made it to Anchorage Alaska.  It had taken them almost 10 day to do so.  They had camped along the way, it was their wilderness adventure.  Both had found jobs and were settling into their new life.  Alaska was part of their five year plan. Finish school, make connections in the aviation world and explore the north.  After that they had planned to take a year and travel; hiking, camping, exploring.

Babies have way of changing our plans.  Austyn was pregnant.  This wasn’t a honeymoon baby but it wasn’t far off.  Her delivery date was somewhere in April.  Plans were changing.

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