20/20 Vision

Ahhh, it’s that time of year again. The time to look back over the last 12 months to figure out what went well, what changed, what blew-up, what blind sided me, and what I promised never, ever do again. 

2020 – who’d have thought. As a high-schooler, the year 2020 was so far in the future we could only speculate what it might look like. We believed we’d all have computers, but never dreamed they would be in the form of our telephones. We were sure that robots would take over most of our jobs. And we were certain that we would be navigating our way to work with jet packs on our backs.

“2020? Who’s going to live that long?”

Well, we have, and we are about to enter the 20’s. 

This is also the time of year I typically choose 3 words that will define the next 12 months. Three word that will keep me focused, on task, and headed in the right direction. 

But there is something different about 2020. It could be that I’ll be 59 in a few months, or that Jeff and I will be celebrating our 40th anniversary, or that we will have successfully completed our first year in our California Hacienda without killing anyone. 

But, every time I think about 2020, it shows up in my mind as 20/20. (I also hear Baba Wawa, instead of Barbara Walters, thanks to SNL.)

I asked Wikipedia what the news broadcast 20/20 title means, it said; “The program’s name derives from the “20/20” measurement of visual acuity.”

What does Visual Acuity mean? Visual Acuity; sharpness of vision, measured by the ability to discern letters or numbers at a given distance according to a fixed standard.

Ahhh, that’s what I want 2020 to be! I want to see the year through visual acuity. 

Through the eyes of 59 years’ worth of life experiences and wisdom, 40 years of becoming one with someone who is my total opposite but I’m still excited when I hear his car drive up the hill. Visual acuity when my adult children are frustrated with finances, or raising children, or relationships and just happen to live 100 feet away from me. 

I want to see with 20/20 vision in the small stuff too. Like when another irrigation pipe breaks and drains the well, or the septic tank needs cleaning, or the dogs eat the chickens. In 2020, I want 20/20 vision when life gets overly complicated, or sensitive, or ridicules, or heavy. 

As I think about living life with visual acuity, I immediately think, “that’s going to take some time!” 

Yep, lots of time!

Time to stop and ponder instead of reacting. Time to recall past lessons. Time to understand all that is involved in the decision.  Time to breath, think, contemplate, and understand. But most of all, time to quietly wait to hear the beautiful wise voice that speaks so gently the slightest ripple can cause us to miss it. 

2020 is my year of 20/20. 

The year of seeing life with a sharpness of vision and the ability to discern.

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