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Our hacienda is one long ranch style house. At some point the owner turned a two car garage into more living space which makes it feel extra long. We do a lot of walking in here because if you want to talk to someone on the other end of the house, you either call them or walk over to them.  Amelia and I were making that walk the other afternoon. We started at their end of the house cause a new diaper was required. As we made the trip back down the hallway I was amused by the story that was being written at that moment.  From the next room, Sage, her friend Ethan and Raun were putting together Sage’s new furniture. The music was playing something I had never heard and couldn’t really understand but they were enjoying it.

The walk at Prickly Pear

A few steps further we found Emery hanging out with her favorite friends in all the world – the Pokemans – who have their own special form of music.

Outside of her door, Sir Winston was finishing up a peanut butter jar.

As we passed through the kitchen, Liam was busy making desert for dinner. And just past the kitchen, Jeff and Austyn were singing songs from The Greatest Showman and The Waitress.  Amelia and I enter our living room and saw Uncle Brian trimming the pepper tree. Then we stood in the bay window and watched for mom to come up the hill in her purple jeep and made our own music. The walk from one end of the house to the other is a walk I now take intentionally and every time I get more excited about the life stories that are being written.

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