A Perfect Storm

I’ve alway wondered about the name  A Perfect Storm. We don’t describe anything else in this manner. We don’t say the Perfect Illness or Perfect Plane-crash, but somehow a storm that is likely to cause great devastation is classified as perfect.

I saw the movie Perfect Storm and I can still see the giant wall of water staring down at the little boat, finally crashing down over it. It is in those scenes that I wonder if I would have the strength to hold on. 

We have storms in our own lives. Some are perfect and some aren’t. Some come with warning and some take us by surprise. How do we navigate them? Is it possible for us to not allow them to capsize us or take us under?

The secret is we have to prepare before the clouds begin gathering or the radar sends out warnings. The two important elements we need to have stock piled in huge quantities are forgiveness and gratitude. It’s much easier to practice these  before the storm arrives then in the midst when you’re fighting just to hang on.

Weathering life’s storms can take us off course, put us in places we never thought we would visit. Having the strength to offer forgiveness and finding ways to be grateful in any situation takes practice. 

We can survive any storm, even a perfect storm.

When it’s all over and seas have calmed and the sun is peaking through the white billowing clouds, we will find the strength to be grateful for the lessons learned and strong person we’ve become.


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