A summer of changes…

A few months ago, Emery’s neurologist (not many four year olds can boast of having one of those) confessed that even if it meant loosing Emery as a patient, she would do much better living at sea level. Mom and Dad took this to heart and began the process of bringing to an end the life they’ve known for the past six years to relocate to the West Coast. Of course we all have our fingers crossed that Pismo Beach is their next destination, but time, jobs, and life have not yet shown their hands.

Barometric changes greatly effect Emery and in an attempt to get Emery out of what has already been a very active spring and summer weather pattern, Austyn and the kids flew into LAX today. On our ride home, Liam filled us in on the game plan which includes he and Emery staying with us until Mom and Dad can move all their stuff. According to Emery, this will be “yots, and yots of days”. Liam thinks it could be as many as 100!

It’s going to be a great summer. It’s going to be full of change, adventures, and toys all over the living room floor. There will be daily trips to the beach, lots of pancakes for breakfast, and Emery instructing Hoppy to move over so she can join him at the piano. We may get Emery to understand that we didn’t just put Ellie Dog in the ground, but that she died first. However, today she simply says that the grass in the back yard and Ellie are dead. (I think we’ll just leave it at that.)

I wish we could wiggle our noses, or blink our eyes like I Dream of Jeannie did, then stand back and watch it all fall into place. But life doesn’t work like that, and as I’ve come to realize, neither does God. There’s lessons to learn, tests to be taken, character to develop, and faith to build. Liam’s simple prayer tonight was, “Make everything in Colorado go well.” To that we all said, “AMEN!” Undoubtedly, in the end, everyone will be where they should be and we’ll all look back and think, How did that happen?

…of course that will be ‘yots’ and ‘yots’ of days from now.

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