Thanks Ellie!

They steal our hearts as puppies and then become one of the family. Ellie was with us during transitions; moving into the city (Chicago), kids in college, grandchildren, and moving to the beach (Pismo). She had a great life and made ours feel a little more normal. From following Grandma around ’cause she knew she had a Kleenex hidden up her sleeve, to eating at least one sock of everyone who ever spent the night, to gently kissing the heads of the grandkids when they were infants as she check to make sure they were alright, and making sure Jeff got his walk before bed, she was our polar bear. Thanks Ellie for twelve years!!


Austyn recalls…

Knowing we were home by the sound of the Volvo door closing.

Believing that if ever she got out of the condo, she would be at the dog park.


Doing the zooms at the park by the lake and as she arced she would make a B-line towards us and not stop, taking us out once or twice.

Digging into the lucky snow piles that had Kleenex at the bottom of them.

Stealing socks to get our attention.

Watching her dominion from my single bed.

Thinking a horse in the distance was gonna be a really fun dog to play with to only be petrified and crouch as we passed the gigantic creature.



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