I’m going to be bigger than you Neenee!

Emery 5

On my last trip to Denver, Emery informed me of this fact several times. “You can’t be bigger than me,” Liam would say, confirming his place in the world. “I’m the oldest.”

On the same visit, Austyn slapped a stack of bills on the table, “Just under $10,000 left of Emery’s medical bills and we’ll be caught up,” she said with great excitement. I even heard a hint of joy in her voice – she always did see the world differently than the rest of us.

It’s no secret that Emery’s journey has been an eventful one. Surgeries, scans, seizures are words that come from the un-happy events. In the past year and a half, we are grateful that these events are falling farther and farther behind us.


What remains are the enormous medical bills that have accrued. Brian and Austyn have carried this load quietly. Their only request of us has been for prayer, never asking for assistance with the ever mounting bills.

This Easter, we thought, is a perfect time to offer assistance. We’re asking all those who have followed Emery’s story to contribute toward eliminating these past medical debts.

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Below is a donate button that will take you to a PayPal account set up to go towards Emery’s medical bills. You don’t need a PayPal account, just a credit or debit card. Many have followed Emery’s progress and if each of us were willing to toss in even $25, these debts will vanish.

Emery 7

“I’m gong to be bigger than you Neenee!”

– I have no doubt she will.

~ We thank you in advance for making their future a little less worrisome.


To read more of Emery’s story, visit here.

Emery Rain Ford’s Facebook Page.

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