5 – Good not evil

Audio Lesson:   https://youtu.be/n1DcJ-moFL4

She requites him with good and not evil all the days of her life.

I love watching old couples. There seems to be two types. The first are the two who walk hand in hand, slowly, peacefully – simply enjoying being with each other. The others walk apart, the front one is about 10 steps ahead, head down, making great strides. The front leader is usually brushing the follower away. The follower does so like a little puppy. Head up, calm peaceful strides. The leader’s conversation revolves around how annoying the follower is, how he/she has to hide things, how lazy he/she is, and at times, how stupid they are.

Usually the conversation in my head is this, “ If I were stuck with you honey, I would be annoying, questioning, lazy and most likely have lost my mind to the point of being stupid. You must be a delight to live with.”

Doing good not evil is a way of life. It’s as simple as being kind; speaking kindly, acting kindly. It’s amazing how quickly we give into complaining. Many times we are the most unkind to the ones that are nearest to us. We are kinder at work or church than we are in our own kitchen.

It takes but one word, one little complaint, and suddenly there is a flood of gripping, bitching and venting that begins to flow like a river that has just broken through the damn.

Kindness doesn’t come easy, and it isn’t learned quickly; it’s a life time lesson. It’s also not for the weak hearted. It takes strength to be kind all the days of your life. It takes valor.

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