4 – Reliability

Audio Lesson:  https://youtu.be/rSY4_GyksN4 

Her husband relies on her, and he will lack no gain.

It takes a lot to rely on someone. There are many we think we should be able to rely on, there are only a few that are truly reliable. It takes time to build the level of trust required to be relied on. A reliable person is trustworthy, honest, dependable. She shows up when she says and complete the tasks she has.

Reliable people are organized, they manage their time wisely, they know how to prioritize their day, and they know how much they can handle. They don’t allow themselves to be too busy, scatterbrained, tardy, and always looking to things they’ve lost.

When God decided to make woman, he did so because, according to him, the boy needed help. Woman are made differently, we think differently, we respond differently. We are made to work together. We are made to be relied on.

I love that her partner was lack for nothing. Our world runs better when we have someone we rely on. Lacking for nothing is not a one sided statement. This isn’t, she does all the work supplying her partner their every need. This is a picture of two people working as a unit, relying on each other, freeing each other to be most they can be. In turn, both reap the rewards. If one lacks for nothing, than so does the other. Together they prosper.

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