Road Trip 2014

It started with a phone call, “Mom, want to take a road trip?”

“Sure, where are we going?”

“Chicago, then up to see grandmas.”


“Me and the kids.”



Tomorrow I will board a plane that will take me from Cali to Colorado. It will be the first time on a plane since Miracle Max (Dr. Steed) cured my coffee allergy. I’m sure my brain will be telling me that when the door is closing it will feel like the coffin lid is being shut…but I’ll talk my way though it and in one short hour arrive in PHX to catch the next flight to Denver. That door closing should be much less scary.

The trip is planned. Liam and Emery have been cleaning all day in preparation for my arrival. When Austyn and Raun were little we had the “Dad will be home in 15 minutes” alarm which meant all activities stopped while we made a mad dash around the house as if to present Jeff with a clean house. 15 minutes clean was about the best he could hope for.

By the time we return we will have put over 2,2oo miles on the car, eaten more McDonald’s than is good for anyone, visited one of my favorite placed on earth – the Chicago Botanical Gardens, seen a lot of people, road in Hoppie’s Daddy’s boat, played games with Grandma Egg, roasted marshmallows over the fire pit with “the grandma at the lake”,…somewhere in all this Austyn will shoot a wedding.

We’re ready for anything and hope that everything happens. You’ll have to join us here, since it’s unlikely there is room in the car. (That we’ll be cleaning Wednesday.)

And we are off…road trip 2014!!!




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